Danny Darkoski 

Daniel Sun 

March 11, 1988 

Los Angeles, CA – USA

Modern Hieroglyphics

For many years now, I’ve developed my own language and alphabets- inspired by ancient texts, hieroglyphics, symbolism, and more. I’ve come up with a style uniquely my own and continue to push and challenge my own creativity to reach new heights and explore new realms. The finished artworks encompass my travels through many layers, textures, and styles. 

Geometric patterns wrapped in love letters and cosmic knowledge. To bring precise human words and meaning to each piece would simply come from thin air. The paintings come to me in dreams, visions, psychedelic experiences, and meditation. They’re a bridge between the human existence and a Universal Consciousness, what I deem God. This art is my attempt to bring my spiritual existence into human form. The geometric patterns are what I see beneath and beyond the human skin and the hieroglyphic texts are the lessons and stories I receive from the stars.

I am excited about the work I am creating now, but even more excited for the future and what’s to come.  


To create is to give life. As human beings, with our creations we have the ability to connect through art, music, language, or any form of artistic expression. We yearn for that connection, that communication, that understanding. As the creator, my purpose is to inspire the observer to acknowledge and chase that creative energy that burns deep within themselves, to pursue it, and give life to these ideas. As the observer, my purpose is to listen to what this person has to say and to admire the existence of these creations. The art that we create as human beings has the ability to transport energy, evoke emotion, and inspire love long after it’s creator has left this world. We’re playing with space and time through art and love; transcending the idea of finite human existence.

I just returned to the States after living in Goa, India for nearly 2 of the past 3 years. The experience introduced a new freedom to me, urging the art to use less mind and more being– where the subliminal and subconscious realms take over. The art has become more about exploration; allowing the creative energy of the Universe to flow in any way it asked to, without the bounds of reason or fear. These are my conversations with the stars. Stories told in modern hieroglyphics - unexplored, ancient in their movements, and simultaneous of the future. The intent of the artwork is not to dictate how you feel, rather it asks you how you feel in its presence. It is meant to energize the space as a whole and speak to each observer individually.  

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